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Diving in Koh Samui is very comfortable, as the water temperature is between 28° and 30°C (82° and 86°F) the entire year, a few degrees warmer than the west coast of Thailand. Often a scuba diving wetsuit is optional, making diving in Koh Samui as comfortable and as easy as skin diving.

Koh Samui is the largest island in the Samui archipelago and offers easy access to the best scuba diving available in the Gulf of Thailand.  Searobin operates his own diving speed boat, where we accomondate maximum 10 divers (instead of 20) to ensure your full comfort and satisfaction.

The Gulf of Thailand is surrounded by the shores of South East Asian countries and resembles a very large lake with calm waters, mild winds and tropical warm weather. This unique setting makes prime diving sites around Koh Samui accessible and suitable for all levels of diving, scuba diving courses and snorkeling trips without compromising safety.

Koh Samui diving sites are excellent destinations for those people who want to take a scuba diving course, with the combination of good visibility and available shallower dive sites it's the perfect place to gain your confidence as a new diver. If you are already an Open Water diver and would like to increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water you may consider taking our Advanced Open Water Diver.

The dive sites near Koh Samui are filled with fascinating and beautiful creatures of all sizes, colors and shapes, ranging from the petite clown fish (Nemo) in its sea anemone host, to the gentle sea turtle that feeds on the sponges and underwater plants, to the enormous whale shark that occasionally passes by the deeper reefs.

Bophut Diving School's multiple daily diving and snorkeling trips from Koh Samui to the best dive sites around Ko Samui ensure that you have a vast range of options in selecting the dive sites and diving boat which best suits your scuba diving experience, budget and desires.

We are always happy to recommend specific dive sites near Koh Samui basedupon our staff’s recent reports of dive site conditions and using the latest weather reports.  Searobin Dive Center operates on a wide variety of boats to ensure that youare not limited to oneboat, as is often the case with a dive center that operates only on a single boat.

Diving tours Days Booking Early Booking Price* Internet
Chumphon Pinnacle & Koh TaoWed,Sun 4,900 THB 5,200 THB
Koh Tao 2 divesTue,Wed,Fri,Sun 4,500 THB 4,800 THB
Sail Rock 2 divesMon, Thu, Sat 4,200 THB 4,500 THB
Non divers and snorkelersTue,Wed,Fri,Sun 2,400 THB 2,700 THB
Private boat charter - 2 dives - 12 peopleon request 40,000 THB 45,000 THB
*Early-Booking Price available by on line booking min. 14 days in advance

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